I am inspired day-in and day out by women and people of color and the way we survive; both ordinarily and triumphantly. I want to dedicate myself and my work to unpacking that in every pathway I can find.
 Photo by Chioma Nwana

Photo by Chioma Nwana


Sontenish Myers is a Caribbean-American writer-director based in Harlem, NY and a 3rd year at NYU's Grad Film program. Sontenish has written and directed 4 short films to date. Filmmaking is an intersection of her multi-disciplined artistry, spanning from photography, fine art, and vocal performance. With film often featuring these different art forms, Sontenish has found a home for her voice.  

Her most recent short film, Cross My Heart, follows an American teen who upon visiting her family in Jamaica, discovers a secret that changes the way she sees the people she loves.  She's faced with the choice of staying silent or speaking up, knowing whichever she chooses will ultimately impact everyone. Set in Kingston, Jamaica, the film explores coming of age and family dynamics up against secrets and cultural taboos. The film world premiered at East End Film Festival in London and will make its North American Premiere at Seattle International Film Festival.

Sontenish was awarded a 2017 "30 Under 30 Caribbean American Emerging Leader" by the Institute of Caribbean Studies as well as selected by NYU as a 2017 Martin Scorsese Scholarship recipient.  


2018 Lorraine Hansberry/Ralph Ellison Arts, Performance, and Media Award

2017 Martin Scorcese Scholarship Recipient

2017 30 Under 30 Caribbean American Emerging Leader Award

2017 Bernie Brillstein Scholarship Recipient

Tisch School of the Arts Scholarship